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Using our experiences

The principal founder of Mentoring for Leaders, John Eaton, has built a career on developing directors and managers in many diverse organisations.

Coaching and mentoring at the most senior level has given John a unique appreciation of people within business, as well as an extensive worldwide network of contacts.

These skills and experiences have enabled him to build a proven mentoring approach, saving you time, money and resources in developing your Senior Executives.

How it works

  • We talk with your strategic team, including Chairman, Chief Executive or Talent Director about the needs of your Senior Executives
  • We research, identify and engage with the best Mentors
  • We create a confidential profile on selected Mentors for discussion and selection directly with your Senior Executives
  • We facilitate the initial meetings with our Mentors
  • We generate the framework on which the mentoring plan is established
  • We provide ongoing support for your Senior Executives and their Mentors

Your Strategic Team

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Your Senior Executives

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Our Mentors

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